Ways to be a caring friend with James & George

The Neighbours Cellar was built on friendships.. and conversations with them.. so here's our not-so comprehensive list of how to be a better one.. 

Check in frequently. 

It isn't rocket science guys. Remembering the little things goes a long way. A quick text takes no time, but can make someone's day. 

Find time for friends. 

Schedule that date! When life gets all busy and what not.. because of your work, partner or parenting demands.. your friendships tend to be the first to suffer. Schedule it in like you would a business meeting. Don't be afraid to calendar invite!

Show up for milestones.

When it comes to friendship, big gestures make a big impression. Travelling to a wedding, dropping in with a housewarming gift, or being a friend's hype girl/boy at their birthday sends a strong message. And you know what's good for that.. ah you saw this bit coming.. 

A Neighbours Cellar personalised bottle of wine and gift box of course!

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