We set this business up during the height of the pandemic last year. 

We thought, what better way to share the love in lockdown than a personalised bottle of wine. 

Since then we’ve added groovy boxes, and a whole lotta extra treats.. Like chocolate and candles. 

But I tell ya, something we didn’t quite forecast is that we’d be back in lockdown again. It’s feeling very groundhog day over here. But it's a good reminder how important it is to look after one another through tough times. 

COVID has truly impacted us all, no two stories alike - and some days it’s just hard to articulate why you feel a certain way. We’re here for you, and for your friends. 

Sometimes all you need is something fun in the mail to brighten your day, and a little reminder someone is thinking about you.

A personalised gift pack can do just that. We’re not like other brands, this is all about you. It’s like sending someone a photo of good times in the post - except you can drink this one and display it afterwards. 

Whether someone has missed their birthday or their wedding, or you just want to reach out and make someone’s day - we’re here to make that magic happen. 

We have a new personalised present builder, making it even easier to send love from house to house or state to state. It’s the lockdown gift that will make anyone smile, trust us and try it for yourself. 

Lots of love - George & James

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