What Mum Really Wants for Mother’s Day.. a guide to love languages. 

So she says she wants nothing.. 

She does every year.. 

And she’s serious. Because all mum really wants, is your love. Something that gives her the warm and fuzzies. Something thoughtful!

And we’ve got just the thing. 

The kind of present that goes ‘straight to the pool room’ - proudly displayed for as long as she’s allowed to! It's a present that she’ll love no matter her love language.. 

So - do you know your mum’s? There’s five of them. 

Quality Time: Mum’s Big Day Out!

These kinda people love spending meaningful time with their loved ones. Every minute counts. They just love being in other people’s presence. If this sounds like your mum - gift her a big day out! Take her to an exhibition, out for lunch, or a road trip along the coast. A picnic! And share a tipple in a special personalised bottle. 

Acts of Service: Put Your Feet Up, Mum!

Is your mum the kind who loves all the little detail? The nice touches? Small acts that make a big difference? Take the reins this Mother’s Day and do her a favour. Clean up the house, cook her a meal - and serve it with a side of celebration. A chill out with a chardonnay? Yes please. 

Words of Affirmation: We Love You Mum!

So she’s holding out for an ‘I love you’? It just makes her go all fuzzy inside! SO SAY IT! And say it as many ways you can. Write her a lovely little card. Or better yet, put your words on one of our bottles! And tell mum how you really feel.

Physical Touch: Squishy Cuddles for Mum! 

If your mum’s always the first to dive into a hug, and won’t let go - physical touch is her love language. Up your cuddle count this Mother’s Day and give her all those extra squishies she needs. 

Receiving Gifts: This One’s for You Mum!

Well, that’s our love language friends! These kinda people feel all the love when they receive something they know someone has put their heart and soul into. Small tokens of affection.

Surprise deliveries. Our bottles tick every box. They’re unique, heartfelt and one of a kind. So make sure you grab one for mum today! We guarantee she’ll love it!

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