How we're doing our part!

green is groovy baby

Hell yeah it is. We’re nothing without our green, clean and super mean practises. Just because we’re a small biz, doesn’t mean these things get left by the wayside.. 

In fact it’s the opposite.

our promises

We never over-order and only take what we need. No greedy pigs here! Sometimes it might mean we’re a little low on your faves (sorry!) but it ensures we avoid unnecessary waste. 

That bag you got your order in.. it’s made from corn and wheat! You better believe it! You could almost eat it.. but please don’t.. we can’t have a choking hazard on our hands. What you can do though is compost them right at home. The easiest solution to minimise wastage. 

We deliver with Sendle, a parcel service that is 100% carbon neutral. 

What does this mean? They calculate a parcel’s carbon yield and use that cost to fund sustainability projects. These include restoring endangered rainforest habitats and providing clean water access for communities in Africa. 

A Zero carbon footprint.. you can’t get better than that! 

Our cellar is all local. Yep, ALL LOCAL. The wines and the add-ons. Sourced from Australia, on our home soil. By doing this we’re supporting other small businesses and we’re also significantly cutting down our carbon footprint.

Not just one, but both! It’s a full circle approach. This way we’re diverting waste away from landfill and repurposing it to make the perfect gift pack.


We’d love to hear your feedback

If there’s anything you think we should be doing hit us up using the contact form below– chat soon! X

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