the connections project.

Connection in all shapes and forms is what we strive to encourage. Our gifts are about making people feel special, creating real connections and sharing memories with one another.

so what is the connections project?

Genuine giving is important to us, we don't just want to tick a box.

Whether that be supporting crises events or partnering with charities that provide soccer boots to underprivileged kids connecting them to their passions and communities.

We want to base our giving on connections for those who need it the most.

The 'Connections Project' is our way of connecting you, and saying thanks.

Our charity partners so far include: does it work?

Each order will contribute funds to the Project.

$2 will be set aside from every, single, order.

Giftees will be able to find out more through a unique QR code on the inside of our gift boxes.

Customers will also have the opportunity to increase their donation by purchasing a specific 'Connections Project' chocolate bar with ALL profits being donated.

Donations are rounded up and distributed bi-annually.