AUSTRALIAN GIN 750ml (Organic Bay Distillery)

The Neighbours Cellar

Organic Bay Distillery (VIC)

All our gins are handcrafted and are Australian Certified Organic

750ml (approx. 25 std drinks), 40% alc/vol.

Lime & Ginger

This gin is refreshingly smooth and uses the classic flavours of lime and ginger to curb your taste buds. The ginger adds spice and is complimented by the rich notes of angelica and burdock roots.

The coriander and junipers form the classic gin base, while the lime citrus tang adds a refreshing twist of 'afternoon bliss', making this gin one for the collection.

Raspberry & Aniseed (AUS GIN AWARDS BRONZE WINNER 2021)

This is a gin like no other. It is indulgent, smooth and dreamy all in one. The notes of aniseed, fennel and sarsaparilla create warmth, and the earthy tones of angelica root, coriander seeds and junipers add a subtle bitter layer to the taste. Meanwhile, the sweet hint of raspberry perfectly balances these sharper notes to create a bespoke flavoured gin that oozes into a warm delight.

Kakadu Plum & Grapefruit (AUS GIN AWARDS BRONZE WINNER 2021)

This gin is full of flavour and super smooth. The sweet tartness of the Kakadu Plum is well balanced with the earthy notes of angelica root, burdock root, coriander seeds and junipers. A hint of passionflower adds a floral tone to further soothe the palate. Each sip finishes with a refreshing punch of citrus tang from the grapefruit, leaving a memorable sensation. It’s a refreshingly smooth transition from sweet to sour, and will become your 'summer love' favourite.

Please Drink Responsibly.


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