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Personalised Alcohol For Every Occasion!

★★★★★ Over 10,000 Happy Customers!

$2 Donated Per Gift To Support Vulnerable Young Australians!

What to Get My Boyfriend for Christmas: 26 Unique Ideas

The festive season is just around the corner, and the age-old question returns: What do I gift my boyfriend for Christmas? It’s a time of joy, laughter, and making memories, but the gift-shopping process can sometimes feel overwhelming. You want the gift to reflect your affection, show that you care, and resonate with his personality. But fret not! This list of 26 thoughtfully curated gift ideas caters to a range of interests and budgets. From personalized keepsakes to gadgets and gizmos, we've got you covered. Dive in and find the perfect surprise for your special someone.

1. VR Gaming Headset

Dive into immersive gaming worlds with this state-of-the-art VR headset. Perfect for gamers, it promises hours of unparalleled entertainment and adventure.

Where to Buy: My Deal, VR Zone

VR Gaming Set What To Get Boyfriend For Christmas

Price Range: $300-$800

2. Personalised Alcohol

Elevate his spirits with a personalised bottle from a curated range of premium whiskies, wines, or other spirits. Each bottle captures a personal touch, making every sip more memorable.

Where to Buy: The Neighbours Cellar

Price Range: $50-$200

Personalised Alcohol

3. Customised Leather Wallet

A timeless gift, this leather wallet isn't just functional—it's a piece of art with his initials etched on. Every time he reaches for it, he's reminded of this special gesture.,

Where to Buy: Lily Craft, Kalghi

Price Range: $50-$150

Customized Leather Wallet What To Get Boyfriend For Christmas

4. Gourmet Coffee Subscription

Fresh, aromatic coffee beans from around the world delivered to his doorstep every month. Perfect for jumpstarting his mornings and exploring diverse coffee profiles.

Where to Buy: Perk, Three Thousand Thieves

Price Range: $15-$50/month

Coffee Subscription

5. Wireless Earbuds

Dive into a world of crisp sound, deep bass, and freedom from wires. These earbuds promise unparalleled audio experience coupled with convenience.

Where to Buy: Temu, Minimax

Price Range: $50-$250

Wireless Earbuds What To Get Boyfriend For Christmas

6. Adventure Experience Day

For the adrenaline junkie, this is a day of heart-pumping activities. From skydiving to off-roading, make unforgettable memories together.

Where to Buy: Thrill Experience, Adrenaline

Price Range: $100-$500

Adventure Experience Day What To Get Boyfriend For Christmas

7. Handmade Leather Journal

Encourage his introspective side with this rustic leather journal. A haven for his thoughts, dreams, and memories, it's more than just paper—it's a journey.

Where to Buy: Vintage Leather, Il Paprio

Price Range: $25-$80

Handmade Leather Journal What To Get Boyfriend For Christmas

8. Smart Home Assistant

Bring convenience to his fingertips with voice-controlled tasks. From setting reminders to controlling lights, it's like having a personal assistant at home.

Where to Buy: Oz Smart Things, Bunnings

Price Range: $50-$200

Smart Home Assistant What To Get Boyfriend For Christmas

9. Sneaker Cleaning Kit

Let his sneakers shine and reflect his personality. With this cleaning kit, every pair remains in prime condition, radiating style and care.

Where to Buy: Etsy, Sneaker Laundry

Price Range: $20-$60

Sneaker Cleaning Kit What To Get Boyfriend For Christmas

10 Cooking Masterclass

Add flair to his culinary skills. Under seasoned chefs, he'll master dishes that tantalize the taste buds and win hearts.

Where to Buy: Class Bento, RedBalloon

Price Range: $50-$200

11. High-End Shaving Kit

Elevate his grooming routine with a premium shaving kit. Boasting quality razors and soothing skincare essentials, he'll get the closest and most luxurious shave every time.

Where to Buy: Executive Grooming, The Stray Whisker

Price Range: $50-$200

High-End Shaving Kit What To Get Boyfriend For Christmas

12. Wireless Charging Stand

Merge convenience with style. This charging stand not only juices up his devices but also seamlessly blends with modern aesthetics, decluttering his space.

Where to Buy: Etsy, Temu

Price Range: $30-$100

Wireless Charging Stand What To Get Boyfriend For Christmas

13. Tailored Dress Shirt

Nothing speaks class like a perfectly tailored dress shirt. Crafted to his measurements, it's an embodiment of elegance and comfort, ensuring he stands out.
Where to Buy: Tailor Store, Dref by d
Price Range: $50-$150

Tailored Dress Shirt What To Get Boyfriend For Christmas

14. Travel Hammock

Whether he's backpacking or simply lounging in the backyard, this lightweight hammock is a ticket to relaxation, swaying him into tranquility.
Where to Buy: Hennessy Hammock
Price Range: $30-$100

Travel Hammock What To Get Boyfriend For Christmas

15 Themed Board Game

Reignite game nights with a thrilling board game. Whether strategy-based, trivia, or role-playing, this promises hours of fun and competition.
Where to Buy: Board Game Supply, Mums Delivery
Price Range: $20-$100

Themed Board Game What To Get Boyfriend For Christmas

16 Personalised Star Map

Capture a moment in time with a celestial snapshot. Mark an important date, and he'll have a piece of the night sky, reminding him of that special moment.
Where to Buy: Beyond A Word, My Picture
Price Range: $50-$150

Personalised Star Map What To Get Boyfriend For Christmas

17. Professional Camera

Nurture his photography skills or passion with a high-quality camera. From capturing landscapes to intimate moments, every shot tells a story.
Where to Buy: Camera Pro, CameraClix
Price Range: $300-$2,000

Professional Camera What To Get Boyfriend For Christmas

18. Music Record Subscription

Monthly deliveries of iconic and new vinyl records, letting him explore musical horizons and build an impressive collection.
Where to Buy: Vinyl Me Please, Vinyl Moon
Price Range: $25-$50/month

Music Record Subscription What To Get Boyfriend For Christmas

19. Fitness Tracker

Monitor health, fitness, and sleep patterns with precision. This device motivates and guides him towards a healthier lifestyle.
Where to Buy: My Deal, Temu
Price Range: $50-$300

Fitness Tracker What To Get Boyfriend For Christmas

20. Craft Beer Brewing Kit

Dive into the world of brewing with a comprehensive kit. Perfect for beer aficionados, it's a journey from grains to a frothy pint.
Where to Buy: Aussie Brew Makers, Your Surprise
Price Range: $40-$150

21. Leather Passport Holder

Combine functionality with style. A must-have for frequent traveler's, safeguarding their passport while exuding sophistication.
Where to Buy: Vintage Leather, Gifts Australia
Price Range: $30-$100

Leather Passport Holder What To Get Boyfriend For Christmas

22. Smart Coffee Mug

Keep his drink consistently warm. Controlled via smartphone, he'll never have to worry about lukewarm coffee or tea again.
Where to Buy: Gizmodo, Apple
Price Range: $80-$150

Smart Coffee Mug What To Get Boyfriend For Christmas

23. Book Subscription Box

Delve into literary gems monthly. Curated based on preferences, it's a reading journey that broadens horizons and ignites imagination.
Where to Buy: Literati, Mill & Boon
Price Range: $10-$30/month

Book Subscription Box What To Get Boyfriend For Christmas

24. Stylish Backpack

Crafted for urban adventurers, this backpack merges style with functionality. Perfect for work, travel, or everyday use.
Where to Buy: VL, The Iconic
Price Range: $50-$250

Stylish Backpack What To Get Boyfriend For Christmas

25. Personalised Cufflinks

An epitome of elegance, these cufflinks bear his initials, adding a personalized touch to formal attire.
Where to Buy: The Engraving Shop, Giftware Direct
Price Range: $50-$300

Personalized Cufflinks What To Get Boyfriend For Christmas

26. Artisanal Chocolate Box

Indulge his sweet tooth with a selection of gourmet chocolates. Crafted with love and unique flavours, it's an experience beyond ordinary.
Where to Buy: Chocolate Box, Chocilo
Price Range: $20-$100

Artisanal Chocolate Box What To Get Boyfriend For Christmas

Choosing the right gift is akin to penning a love letter—it's personal, meaningful, and a reflection of your feelings. This Christmas, let your gifts be an extension of your emotions, symbolizing the love and warmth you share with your boyfriend. Whether you opt for a personalized keepsake, an adventurous experience, or a gadget he's been eyeing for a while, the joy is in the giving. With this list in hand, you're well on your way to making this festive season memorable, filled with joy, love, and cherished moments. Happy gifting!

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