About Us

wanna know more?

Of course you do.  
Let us tell you a story...
Remember that one time you went to your brother's girlfriend's cousin's dog's birthday? 
Nor do we.
But if you did.. what a great prez. Picture this, your face, the dogs face, on a bottle of wine. Classic.
All delivered to you before you even get to the freakin' Catalina wine mixer. 
It's a great idea, you know it is.
We're George & James. Enjoy it. 
the wine

We've partnered with some of the best from your weekend wine tours in Victoria..
From the wild wild north, to the juiciest reds at Heathcote. Sourced through our much indier mates at Noisy Ritual in Brunswick.
Our partners all struggled during COVID lockdowns, so think about it this way - you're doing you local a favour too. 

the essentials

Shiraz 750ml - Heathcote - 13% - 7.7 Standard Drinks - Vegan - Contains Sulphites
Rosé 750ml - 12.5% - 7.4 Standard Drinks - Vegan  - Contains Sulphites
Pinot Grigio 750ml -  12.5% - 7.4 Standard Drinks - Vegan  - Contains Sulphites
Sparkling White 750ml - 11% - 6.5 Standard Drinks  - Contains Sulphites & Ascorbic Acid