Yeh, we know this is a killer idea - but an awesome label doesn't make up for a sour sav. Right?

That's why we take great care in sourcing our wines. Making sure we're focusing on flavour and supporting our amazing local producers. We truely are surrounded by some incredible wineries here in AUS!


• Brut NV • Riverina •

➼ Delicious fresh fruit and biscuit flavours
➼ Crisp & clean finish

➼ Allergens: Sulphur, ascorbic acid
➼ 750ml bottle Alc/Vol: 11%

• Central Victorian NV • Premium •

➼ Super-fresh, with elegant flavours of green pear, apple and lemon tang, and a clean finish

➼ Allergens: Contains sulphites, may contain traces of milk or egg product
➼ 750ml bottle, Alc/Vol: 12.1%

• South Australian Riverland • 2016 •
➼A lively vivid style with lifted fresh fruit on the nose. It is fresh and sweet with mouthfilling tropical fruit flavours well balanced with hints of a citrus tang. The reduced alcohol and the slight sparkle make this an appealing wine.

➼ It is made like the traditional Italian style with a light spritz.

➼ 9.0% alc/vol, approx. 5.3 standard drinks
➼ Contains sulphites, may contain traces of milk product.


•Victorian Reserve • 2019 •

➼ This reserve Pinot Grigio has delicious fruit characters with flavours of citrus and apple. It follows through with a crisp dry finish.
➼ 12.4% alc/vol, approx. 7.3 standard drinks, contains sulphites, may contain traces of milk or egg product. 

• Adelaide Plains • 2020 • Organic • Vegan Friendly •

➼  Our Organic Pinot Grigio is bursting with fruity aromas of pear and melon. Pale in colour with green hues, this vibrant wine is well-balanced on the palate with crisp acidity. 
➼ 12.5% alc/vol, approx: 7.4 standard drinks, 750ml, Vegan Friendly

• Clare Valley • 2019 • Vegan Friendly 

➼ Vegan Grown on mature vines, this Chardonnay opens with pale straw-gold colour, and aromas of white peach and tropical fruits. The refreshing palate has lively stone fruit and melon balanced by a creamy mouthfeel and a lingering finish. 
➼ 13.3% alc/vol, approx. 7.9 standard drinks, contains sulphites. No animal products used, vegan-friendly. 

• Adelaide Hills • 2019 •

➼ Made from a blend of Adelaide Hills and various South Australian wine growing region, it has intense flavours of tropical fruit, a medium sweet palate and a well-balanced acid finish.

➼12.5% alc/vol, approx. 7.4 standard drinks.
➼ Contains sulphites, may contain traces of milk product. 


• Premium Heathcote • 2019 •

➼ This great varietal example of a Heathcote Shiraz opens with dark ruby-red colour. Some earthy flinty hints on the nose speak of the rich Cambrian soils of the region. 
➼ The stylish palate has rich berry flavours, balanced by mouth filling tannins on the lingering finish.
➼ 13.2% alc/vol, approx. 7.8 standard drinks, contains sulphites, may contain traces of egg product.

• Victorian Reserve • 2019 •

➼ Pale red in colour, with aromas of black cherry, spice and sweet oak. The palate has luscious dark berry fruits, balanced by fine tannins on the smooth dry finish.

➼  13.5% alc/vol, approx. 8.0 standard drinks, contains sulphites, may contain traces of milk or egg product.


➼ This wine is rose-pink in colour with delicate fragrance of fresh strawberries and raspberries. Ripe red fruit flavours fill the palate with just an off-dry level of residual sugar. A perfect special occasion luncheon rosé.
➼ Allergens: Pres. 220 added, may contain traces of milk product.
➼ 750ml bottle, Alc/Vol: 12.7%, approx. 7.5 standard drinks


• Organic Bay Distillery • VIC • Organic • Handcrafted • 750ml •

750ml (approx. 25 std drinks), 40% alc/vol.


This gin is refreshingly smooth and uses the classic flavours of lime and ginger to curb your taste buds. The ginger adds spice and is complimented by the rich notes of angelica and burdock roots. 

The coriander and junipers form the classic gin base, while the lime citrus tang adds a refreshing twist of 'afternoon bliss', making this gin one for the collection.


This is a gin like no other. It is indulgent, smooth and dreamy all in one. The notes of aniseed, fennel and sarsaparilla create warmth, and the earthy tones of angelica root, coriander seeds and junipers add a subtle bitter layer to the taste. Meanwhile, the sweet hint of raspberry perfectly balances these sharper notes to create a bespoke flavoured gin that oozes into a warm delight.


This gin is full of flavour and super smooth. The sweet tartness of the Kakadu Plum is well balanced with the earthy notes of angelica root, burdock root, coriander seeds and junipers. A hint of passionflower adds a floral tone to further soothe the palate. Each sip finishes with a refreshing punch of citrus tang from the grapefruit, leaving a memorable sensation. It’s a refreshingly smooth transition from sweet to sour, and will become your 'summer love' favourite.

All our gins are handcrafted and are Australian Certified Organic

Please Drink Responsibly.

• Pinkster • UK • 700ml •


The original pink gin, made with real raspberries, that’s been titillating taste buds since 2013.

From day one, they’ve always been about fresh fruit rather than fancy flavourings. The raspberries are grown locally to their rural Cambridgeshire HQ and they only produce the gin during the raspberry cropping season.

Thanks to these plump beauties, Pinkster is deliciously dry with a hint of fruit and an exceptionally smooth finish.

Just add a raspberry and a sprig of well-spanked, fresh mint for a refreshingly different G&T.

• La Vie En Rose Cocktail • Non Alc. •

Made in collaboration with our amazing friends at Altina!

Features organic hibiscus and pink rose petals, laced with sweet orange and a long finish. This gorgeous lightly sparkling non alcoholic rose cocktail is perfectly refreshing. As with all of Altina Drink’s Zero Proof Craft Cocktails, La Vie En Rose captures the essence of natural ingredients, without relying on excess sugar, fruit juices, or artificial colours and flavours. Free from alcohol, but not the depth of flavour, enjoy without moderation.

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