The Wine

Ohhh yes. The wine.

Yeah we know this is a killer idea – but it’s nothing without the wine.

A good label doesn’t make up for a sour sav. RIGHT?

That’s why we take great care in sourcing our wines, making sure we’re focusing on flavour and supporting our amazing local producers.

• Brut NV • Riverina • White

➼ Delicious fresh fruit and biscuit flavours. A fine persistent bead, the finish on the palate is crisp and clean.
➼ Allergens: Sulphur, ascorbic acid. 
➼ 750ml bottle Alc/Vol: 11%

• Central Victorian NV • Premium • 

➼ This Prosecco has an exceptional fine blend. Bottled regularly, it is super-fresh, with light elegant flavours of green pear, apple and lemon tang, and a clean elegant finish. Make yourself an Aperol spritz and enjoy!
➼ Allergens: Contains sulphites, may contain traces of milk or egg product..
➼ 750ml bottle, Alc/Vol: 12.1%, approx. 7.2 standard drinks


 • King Valley 2019 • Vegan Friendly 

➼ Picked at optimum ripeness for balance between flavour and natural acidity, and quickly pressed off skins to maintain freshness and purity of fruit.
➼ Nose // White flower petals and pear skin.
➼ Palate // spiced ginger, pear skin and a hint of stone fruit, with bright acidity creating a fresh, dry finish
➼ Allergens: Sulphur, ascorbic acid. 
➼ 750ml bottle, Alc/Vol: 12.5%, approx. 7.4 standard drinks

Sourced in Collaboration with The Noisy Ritual.

• Adelaide Hills 2019 •

➼ Made from a blend of Adelaide Hills and various South Australian wine growing region, it has intense flavours of tropical fruit, a medium sweet palate and a well-balanced acid finish.

➼12.5% alc/vol, approx. 7.4 standard drinks.
➼ Contains sulphites, may contain traces of milk product. 

 • Sunbury 2019 • Vegan Friendly 

➼ A fruit driven (but dry) new world Sauv.
All the classic, clean and crisp elements but with added texture and complexity.
➼ Nose / Clean and fresh with a tropical vibe
➼ Palate / Pineapple and nectarine with a hint of hazelnut and a crisp finish

➼ Allergens: Sulphur, ascorbic acid. 
➼ 750ml bottle, Alc/Vol: 12.5%, approx. 7.4 standard drinks

Sourced in Collaboration with The Noisy Ritual.

• South Australian • Riverland • 

➼ A lively vivid style with lifted fresh fruit on the nose. It is fresh and sweet with mouthfilling tropical fruit flavours well balanced with hints of a citrus tang. The reduced alcohol and the slight sparkle make this an appealing wine.

➼ 9.0% alc/vol, approx. 5.3 standard drinks
➼ Contains sulphites, may contain traces of milk product.


• McLaren Vale 2019 •Premium •

➼ Grown on the limestone slopes of McLaren Vale.
➼ Typical varietal spice and ripe red fruits enhanced by fine oak tannins. Smooth and well balanced and a great food wine.

➼ 14.5% alc/vol, approx. 8.6 standard drinks, contains sulphites, may contain traces of egg product.  

• Heathcote 2019 • Vegan Friendly 

➼ A savoury, peppery, classic Victorian Shiraz.
➼ Rich aromas of plum, earth and chocolate with a mouth-filling richness and soft tannin structure.
➼ 750ml bottle, Alc/Vol: 13%, approx. 7.7 standard drinks

Sourced in Collaboration with The Noisy Ritual.


• Vic Reserve 2019 • Sangiovese 

➼ This wine is rose-pink in colour with delicate fragrance of fresh strawberries and raspberries. Ripe red fruit flavours fill the palate with just an off-dry level of residual sugar. A perfect special occasion luncheon rosé.

➼ Allergens: Pres. 220 added, may contain traces of milk product.
➼ 750ml bottle, Alc/Vol: 12.7%, approx. 7.5 standard drinks

• Yarra Valley • Vegan Friendly

➼  Australia’s best Pinot’s come from cool climates and this one is a stunning example.
➼  It has dense colours and an attractive nose of red berries with a firm mid palate of fresh cherry and plum. An elegant well-structured wine with a silky-smooth finish.

➼ 12.5% alc/vol, approx. 7.4 standard drinks, contains sulphites. No animal products used, vegan-friendly.

• Geelong 2019 

Details to be updated shortly.
➼ 750ml bottle, Alc/Vol: 13%, approx. 7.7 standard drinks

Sourced in Collaboration with The Noisy Ritual. 

How it works

personalised alcohol

Step 1: Select Your Drop
Step 2: Choose Your Label
Step 3: Personalise Your Label
Step 4: Grab Some Add Ons
Step 5: Gift Box It

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Shiraz man? Gin gal?

Take your pick.

Our cellar is packed full of tipples from the country’s best vineyards and distillers.

All Aussie. All local legends.

Fancy ya self a bit of a connoisseur? So do we. We’ve tasted our way through hundreds of pressed grapes, and these ones – they’re the best. Trust us. 

To say we love gin… is an understatement. We BLOODY ADORE IT. And we sure have a nose for what makes a good one. We’ve partnered with Organic Bay distillery in Victoria to bring some unique blends to the cellar.

Check them out at

Bringing cocktail ingredients to a party or a picnic is just too much hard work. ENTER - our ready to drink mixes. All Australian spirits. All Australian flavour. And all thanks to our new mates at Home Grown Spirits. 

You can find out more about them at:

Whoever said non-alcoholic drinks were boring, haven’t tried this one. La Vie en Rose is packed with organic hibiscus and pink rose petals.. and none of that nasty sugary stuff. You’ll be speaking French in no time. 

Visit for more.


That photo you’ve been saving for the right moment? Well, that moment is now!

Whether it’s a cute one, or a stitch up.. you can slap it on one of our bottles.

Add your endearing/hilarious message and you’ve got yourself a bangin’ personalised present. 

Add an image to replace the current default one

STEP 1: Get rid of our default image. We know they’re cute. But that’s not your friend.

STEP 2: Use the crop feature (that blue square in the bottom right) to adjust the width or length of your image.

STEP 3: Once on the label, use the blue circles around your image to move it around or change it's size.

STEP 4: Write your text, and submit that masterpiece!

STEP 1: Delete what we’ve written – or you can simply add to it! 

STEP 2: Make sure the font size is right.

STEP 3: Don’t forget to include who it’s from! You gotta take credit for this! 

TIP* Press ENTER to start a new line.


Choccies, candles, games!

We’ve got add-ons that will tickle everyone’s fancy. A few nice things, and.. on occasion.. a few naughty things too.

The best bit, is all our add-ons are sourced from local legends. So you’re supporting them too.


Yeah our wine is good, but the box..? That’s la crème de la crème. 

Think Rowan Atkinson in Love Actually. ‘Tis but the work of a moment.

The right box, makes it truly feel like the top notch present it is. We’re constantly creating new epic designs, something for every occasion – and they’re sustainable (100% recyclable) too.


Two line
title slide.

And big, beautiful imagery