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Personalised Alcohol Gift Packs For Every Occasion!

★★★★★ Over 18,000 Happy Customers!

Personalised Alcohol Gift Packs For Every Occasion!

★★★★★ Over 18,000 Happy Customers!

37 Unique 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him: Celebrate His Milestone in Style

Marking the 30th birthday of a remarkable man requires a gift that’s as special as the occasion. If you’re searching for unique gift ideas, look no further. Our comprehensive list of 37 gifts is tailored to cater to his diverse interests. From gourmet delights and personalised drinks for the connoisseur to stylish accessories for the fashion-forward, we’ve got you covered. Dive into our categories and discover the perfect present to celebrate his milestone birthday.

For the Gourmet and Drink Connoisseur

1. Personalised Alcohol from the Neighbours Cellar

  • Offer him a personalised bottle of fine wine or spirit. With options to customise the label with a photo and message or his name, it's a gift that's both sophisticated and personal.
  • Price Range: $75 - $200
"I have purchased a few personalised wine bottles - 3 x for friends birthdays and for my dad for Christmas. Everyone has loved their personalised wine bottles and cherish the deep thought." - Amy M
Shop Now Personalised Alcohol Gift Packs for 30th Birthday

2. Whiskey Tasting Experience from Hippoco

  • Treat him to a whiskey tasting experience at a renowned distillery or through a curated at-home tasting kit. It’s an ideal way for him to savour and learn about different whiskey profiles.
  • Price Range: $100 - $300
Shop Now Whisky Tasting Experience for 30th Birthday

3. Gourmet Coffee Set from Cococino

  • For the coffee aficionado, a gourmet coffee set featuring exotic blends from around the world makes a perfect gift. It’s a daily reminder of your thoughtfulness.
  • Price Range: $45 - $150
Shop Now Gourmet Coffee Set for 30th Birthday

4. Cooking Masterclass from Masterclass

  • Gift him an opportunity to enhance his culinary skills with a cooking masterclass. Whether it’s a virtual session with a celebrity chef or a local cooking school, it’s both fun and educational.
  • Price Range: $50 - $250
Shop Now Cooking Masterclass for 30th Birthday

5. High-Quality Barbecue Grill from BBQ Store

  • For the grill master, a high-quality barbecue grill is the ultimate gift. From portable models to high-end outdoor kitchens, it’s a gift that will keep on giving.
  • Price Range: $500 - $1,500
Shop Now High-Quality Barbecue Grill for 30th Birthday

6. Wine Fridge from Hafele Home

  • A wine fridge is perfect for the wine enthusiast. It’s not just a practical way to store his favourite vinos; it's also a stylish addition to his home.
  • Price Range: $350 - $650
Shop Now Wine Fridge for 30th Birthday

7. Premium Steak Set from Deervale

  • A set of premium steaks, possibly with a choice of cuts and marbling, is ideal for the meat lover. It’s a luxurious and mouth-watering gift.
  • Price Range: $50 - $300
Shop Now Premium Steak Set for 30th Birthday

8. Cocktail Mixing Set from The Cocktail Shop

  • For the aspiring mixologist, a cocktail mixing set complete with all the necessary tools can inspire him to create his signature drinks.
  • Price Range: $60 - $150
"I was able to pick the best pack so quickly and easily. I ordered it on the Tuesday and it was delivered on the Friday" - Monica O
Shop Now Cocktail Mixing Set for 30th Birthday

9. Chef’s Knife Set from House of Knives

  • A set of high-quality chef’s knives is essential for any kitchen and makes a great gift for the home chef. Look for brands known for durability and precision.
  • Price Range: $100 - $500
Shop Now Chef’s Knife Set

10. Home Brewing Kit from Australian Home Brewing

  • If he loves beer, a home brewing kit could be the perfect gift. It’s a fun and engaging way to craft his own unique brews.
  • Price Range: $125 - $300
Shop Now Home Brewing Kit for 30th birthday

For the Adventurous Spirit

11. Skydiving Experience from Red Balloon

  • Thrill him with a skydiving experience. It’s an exhilarating way to mark his 30th, offering both adventure and unforgettable memories.
  • Price Range: $200 - $500
Shop Now Skydiving Experience for 30th birthday

12. Off-road Driving Course from Off Road Academy

  • Perfect for the adrenaline junkie, an off-road driving course will let him explore rugged terrains and learn new driving skills.
  • Price Range: $200 - $400
Shop Now Off-road Driving Course for 30th birthday

13. Scuba Diving Lessons from Abyss

  • Gift him the wonder of the underwater world with scuba diving lessons. It’s an exciting and unique way to explore marine life and sea landscapes.
  • Price Range: $150 - $350
Shop Now Scuba Diving Lessons for 30th birthday

14. Hiking Gear Set from Sea To Summit

  • For the nature lover, a set of quality hiking gear, including a backpack, boots, and outdoor wear, is ideal for his next adventure.
  • Price Range: $150 - $400
Shop Now Hiking Gear Set for 30th birthday

15. Camping Equipment Upgrade from Outback Equipment

  • Upgrade his camping experience with high-end camping equipment like a lightweight tent, a sleeping bag, or a portable stove.
  • Price Range: $100 - $350
Shop Now Camping Equipment Upgrade

16. Surfing Workshop from Surf Camp

  • If he’s drawn to the ocean, a surfing workshop can be a fantastic way to learn or improve his surfing skills.
  • Price Range: $75 - $250
"This place was such good vibes. There was 2 lessons a day which was exhausting but it helped you improve with muscle memory!" - Beth L
Shop Now Surfing Workshop for 30th birthday

17. Mountain Biking Adventure from Adrenaline

  • Plan a mountain biking adventure for him. It's a perfect mix of physical challenge and scenic exploration.
  • Price Range: $200 - $450
Shop Now Mountain Biking Adventure for 30th birthday

18. Rock Climbing Gear from Wild Earth

  • Quality rock climbing gear is a must-have for any climbing enthusiast. Include essentials like a harness, climbing shoes, and a helmet.
  • Price Range: $150 - $350 per person
Shop Now Rock Climbing Gear for 30th birthday

19. Fishing Trip Charter Mates Escape

  • A chartered fishing trip can be a peaceful yet exciting experience, perfect for someone who enjoys the tranquillity of fishing.
  • Price Range: $150 - $250 per person.
Shop Now Fishing Trip Charter for 30th birthday

20. Kayaking or Canoeing Adventure with YHA

  • Gift him a kayaking or canoeing adventure, a great way to explore lakes, rivers, and coastlines.
  • Price Range: $125 - $350
Shop Now Kayaking or Canoeing Adventure

For the Style-Conscious Man

21. Designer Watch from Time Piece

  • A sophisticated designer watch is not just a timepiece, but a fashion statement. It's a classy gift that he can wear and cherish for years.
  • Price Range: $800 - $3,500
Shop Now Designer Watch for 30th Birthday

22. Tailored Suit Experience from Suitbly

  • Gift him a bespoke suit tailoring experience. It’s a luxurious way for him to have a suit that fits perfectly and looks impeccable.
  • Price Range: $500 - $1,500
Shop Now Tailored Suit Experience for 30th birthday

23. High-End Sneakers from Farfetch

  • A pair of high-end sneakers from top brands can blend comfort with style, perfect for the fashion-forward man.
  • Price Range: $250 - $700
Shop Now High End Sneakers for 30th Birthday

24. Leather Messenger Bag from Vintage Leather

  • A stylish and practical leather messenger bag is great for both work and casual use. Choose one that matches his style.
  • Price Range: $75 - $300
Shop Now Leather Messenger Bag for 30th birthday

25. Customised Cufflinks from Cuffed

  • Elegant and personalised cufflinks can add a touch of class to his formal wear. It's a small yet significant accessory.
  • Price Range: $50 - $150
"Product is exactly what I expected! The photos provided are exactly what it is! Is of good quality, my partner loved it" - Jorgia C
Shop Now Customised Cufflinks for 30th birthday

26. Premium Shaving Kit from Ministry of Shave

  • A premium shaving kit with high-quality razors and grooming products offers him a luxurious grooming experience.
  • Price Range: $75 - $150
Shop Now Premium Shaving Kit for 30th birthday

27. Bespoke Fragrance Session from Cult of Scent

  • Let him create his own signature scent with a bespoke fragrance session, an intimate gift that's both luxurious and personal.
  • Price Range: $150 - $250
Shop Now Bespoke Fragrance Session for 30th Birthday

28. Stylish Sunglasses from Quay

  • A pair of stylish sunglasses from a renowned brand not only protects his eyes but also adds to his style quotient.
  • Price Range: $75 - $250
"Love these! They are my third pair of Quay sunglasses and they’re great quality for a reasonable price." - Jack A
Shop Now Stylish Sunglasses for 30th birthday

29. Luxury Grooming Products from Man Perfected

  • High-end grooming products like facial creams, beard oils, and hair styling products can be a thoughtful gift for a man who likes to take care of himself.
  • Price Range: $50 - $150
Shop Now Luxury Grooming Products

For the Tech Enthusiast

30. Latest Smartphone or Tablet from Kogan

  • A new smartphone or tablet with the latest features is a perfect gift for tech lovers. It’s practical and always appreciated.
  • Price Range: $400 - $1,500
Shop Now Latest Smartphone or Tablet for 30th birthday

31. Smart Home Assistant from Robot Smart Homes

  • Help him upgrade his living space with a smart home assistant. It’s great for controlling smart devices, playing music, or getting updates.
  • Price Range: $75 - $200
Shop Now Smart Home Assistant

32. High-Quality Headphones from Sony

  • Gift him a pair of high-quality headphones, perfect for music enthusiasts or for enhancing his work-from-home experience.
  • Price Range: $250 - $500
Shop Now High-Quality Headphones for 30th Birthday

33. Advanced Drone from DJI

  • For the man who loves gadgets, an advanced drone can provide hours of fun and a unique perspective on photography and videography.
  • Price Range: $1,000 - $1,500
Shop Now Advanced Drone for 30th birthday

34. Virtual Reality Headset from Dicksmith

  • A virtual reality headset is a perfect gift for experiencing immersive gaming and virtual worlds.
  • Price Range: $350 - $800
Shop Now Virtual Reality Headset

35. Gaming Console Bundle from JB Hi-Fi

  • For the gamer, a gaming console bundle can provide endless entertainment and a way to unwind.
  • Price Range: $300 - $700
Shop Now Gaming Console Bundle

36. Smartwatch from Watch Direct

  • A smartwatch is not just a timekeeper, it’s a fitness tracker, a notification centre, and a fashion statement all in one.
  • Price Range: $200 - $800
Shop Now Smartwatch

37. Home Theatre System from Digital Cinema

  • Upgrade his movie nights with a high-quality home theatre system. It’s a gift that the whole family can enjoy.
  • Price Range: $350 - $2,000
Shop Now Home Theatre System

As we conclude our journey through these 37 unique gift ideas for the special man in your life, it’s clear that turning 30 is more than just a milestone, it's a celebration of personal growth, diverse interests, and the anticipation of new adventures. Whether he's a gourmet aficionado, an adrenaline seeker, a style guru, or a tech whiz, our comprehensive list is crafted to cater to every aspect of his personality.

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