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Personalised Alcohol Gift Packs For Every Occasion!

★★★★★ Over 18,000 Happy Customers!

Personalised Alcohol Gift Packs For Every Occasion!

★★★★★ Over 18,000 Happy Customers!

Unique Add-ons to Elevate Your Gifts: A Guide

Hey there! Let's chat about how some unique and playful add-ons can turn a simple gift into something truly memorable. We believe that the right add-ons can take a thoughtful gift and make it extraordinary. In this blog, I'll walk you through our range of distinctive add-ons from local businesses that will make your gifts stand out and create unforgettable moments.

The Appeal of Unique Add-ons

Why Add-ons Matter

Imagine receiving a gift that's not just a present but an experience. Adding unique items to a gift shows the recipient that you’ve put extra thought and effort into their present. It makes them feel special and appreciated. Whether it's a birthday gift, an anniversary surprise, or just a simple thank-you, the right add-ons can really elevate the whole gifting experience.

You know that excitement when you unwrap a beautifully packaged gift and find unexpected surprises inside? It creates lasting memories and deepens the connection between the giver and the recipient. That extra effort shows you care, making the gift-giving experience so much more meaningful.

One of our happy customers said, “From the packaging to the treats inside, this was the perfect gift to send to my newly engaged brother! His fiancée was so surprised and loved the customised wine bottle!”
chocolate, lollies and I love you bar addons

Types of Unique Add-ons

Gourmet Treats

Chocilo Chocolates

Let’s talk about Chocilo, a local favourite that offers a delicious array of chocolates sure to delight any recipient. Known for their exquisite flavours and top-notch quality, Chocilo chocolates are an exceptional addition to any gift. Their range includes everything from creamy milk chocolates to decadent dark chocolates, each crafted to perfection.

Chocilo's chocolates are made with the finest ingredients, ensuring every bite is rich and satisfying. They offer a variety of options, including classic chocolate bars, truffles, and seasonal specialties. Each piece is designed to provide a luxurious experience, making Chocilo a standout choice for chocolate lovers. They even have fun options like chocolate smash cakes and personalised chocolates to add that extra special touch.

A customer gushed, “I added Chocilo chocolates to the gift box, and the recipient couldn't stop raving about how delicious they were. It really made the gift stand out!”
Chocilo chocolates

Local Flavours

Adding local products to your gift can make it truly special. Our Pink Gin colab with We Are Tailored adds a unique touch that's hard to find elsewhere. This gin is crafted with native Australian ingredients, offering a refreshing flavour profile that stands out from traditional gins. Our partnership means you won't find this gin anywhere else!

Personalised Gin Gift Pack

Pampering Products

Bath and Body

How about adding some pampering products like the Lavender and Sandalwood Essential Oil Spray from Ena? These items not only enhance the gift but also show that you care about the recipient’s well-being. This essential oil spray can create a calming atmosphere, making it a perfect addition to any relaxation routine.

Ena's products are designed to provide a luxurious and soothing experience. The Lavender and Sandalwood Essential Oil Spray combines the calming properties of lavender with the warm, woody scent of sandalwood, creating a relaxing and aromatic ambiance. It's perfect for anyone looking to unwind and destress.

One of our customers shared, “I included the Lavender and Sandalwood Essential Oil Spray in the gift box, and my friend loved the relaxing scent. It was the perfect addition!”
Pamper gift box with personalised wine

Relaxation Items

Items like the Lemon Myrtle, Bergamot & Cedarwood Bath Soak can help recipients unwind and enjoy a spa-like experience at home. This bath treatment combines the refreshing scent of lemon myrtle with the calming properties of bergamot, providing a luxurious and rejuvenating soak.

The soak is made with natural ingredients, ensuring a gentle and nourishing experience for the skin. It turns a regular bath into a spa-like retreat, making it a perfect gift for those who love self-care and relaxation.

Kitchen Essentials

Alright, let’s dive into some kitchen essentials that will make your gift not just memorable but also super practical. Think about items like the Salt and Pepper Shakers from Ecology. These aren’t just any shakers; they’re designed to make any kitchen look chic and stylish. Perfect for anyone who loves to cook or entertain, these shakers blend functionality with aesthetics. They’re made with high-quality materials and have a sleek, modern design that adds a touch of elegance to any dining table. Trust me, these are a hit with food enthusiasts and home cooks alike.

Functional and stylish accessories like Hommey Tea Towels can add a touch of elegance to any gift. These high-quality items are not only useful but also aesthetically pleasing. The tea towels are made with absorbent and durable materials, ensuring they are both practical and beautiful.

Hommey Tea Towels are designed with attention to detail, featuring vibrant patterns and high-quality fabrics. They’re perfect for adding a pop of colour to any kitchen and are a delightful addition to any home. These tea towels make a thoughtful and stylish gift.

Andy M said, “The Hommey Tea Towels were a hit! My friend loved the design and quality. It was a great addition to the gift box.”
Gift Pack with Homey Tea Towel

Customising Your Gift with Add-ons

Tailoring to the Occasion

Now, let’s talk about how you can customise your gift to suit different occasions. Selecting the right add-ons for birthdays, anniversaries, or just a simple thank-you can make your gift more personal and thoughtful. For birthdays, you might want to add some gourmet chocolates or a fun kitchen accessory. For anniversaries, think about including celebration add-ons like our rose gold stainless steel champagne flutes with our Central Victorian Prosecco.

Ella A shared their experience: “I designed my own label for wine for a special gift for our anniversary. My partner loved it and the addition of bright packaging, quality products, and delicious food was a plus. Fantastic gift.”
Personalised Label

Personal Touches

Adding personal touches like custom labels or heartfelt messages can make any gift more meaningful. These little details show that you’ve put a lot of thought into the gift, making the recipient feel truly special. Personalised labels can include names, special dates, or even a short, sweet message, adding a unique and memorable touch to the gift.

Jenny P said, “The custom label on the wine bottle was beautiful and really added a personal touch to the gift.”

The Impact of Presentation

Unique Packaging

Let’s not forget about the presentation! Fun and playful packaging can enhance the overall gift experience. We make sure every gift is beautifully packaged to create a memorable unboxing experience. Our packaging is designed to be eye-catching and delightful, making the recipient feel excited and appreciated as they open their gift.

Jess T stated, “The packaging was just as exciting as the gift itself. It really made the whole experience special.”
The Neighbours Cellar Gift Boxes

Eco-Friendly Options

Using eco-friendly packaging materials is also something we’re really proud of. It’s important to us and many of our customers. Our packaging is not only stylish but also environmentally friendly, reflecting our commitment to sustainability. We use recyclable and biodegradable materials to minimise our environmental impact.

“I loved that the packaging was recyclable. It’s great to see a company that cares about the environment.” - Megan M.

Spotlight on Local Suppliers

Supporting Local Businesses

Supporting local businesses is a big part of what we do. By sourcing products from local suppliers, we help support our community and provide unique items that you won’t find anywhere else. Our partnerships with local businesses ensure that we offer only the best quality products. Plus, supporting local suppliers means we can offer fresh and innovative products crafted with care and passion.

Supplier Spotlight:


Altina is a trailblazer in the beverage industry. They’re known for creating innovative and refreshing drinks. Their non-acoholic Finger Lime Sauvignon Blanc is a standout product, combining the tartness of finger lime with the smoothness of premium grapes. This unique flavour profile is achieved through the use of native Australian ingredients, which not only add a distinct taste but also celebrate local flora. Altina’s commitment to sustainability and quality makes their products a perfect addition to any gift.

Personalised Altina Gift Pack


Ena specialises in creating luxurious pampering products that transform everyday routines into indulgent experiences. Their Lavender and Sandalwood Essential Oil Spray is designed to soothe and relax, making it an ideal gift for anyone in need of some self-care. Ena uses high-quality, natural ingredients to ensure their products are not only effective but also gentle on the skin. This focus on quality and well-being makes Ena’s products a wonderful addition to our gift boxes.

Spa Day Splendour Gift Pack

Baylies Epicurean Delights

Baylies Epicurean Delights is synonymous with gourmet excellence. They're well-known for their premium crackers, which are perfect for pairing with your favorite cheeses. Their Cheese and Nigella Seed Crackers are a standout product, offering a delightful crunch and rich flavour that elevates any cheese platter. Made with the finest natural ingredients, these crackers add a touch of sophistication to your gift, making them a perfect addition for any foodie.

Corporate Gift Pack Personalised Alcohol


Chocilo is renowned for producing some of the finest chocolates available. Their dedication to using premium ingredients ensures that every bite is a delight. Chocilo offers a wide range of chocolates, from rich and creamy milk chocolate to bold and intense dark chocolate. These chocolates are perfect for adding a sweet surprise to any gift. The craftsmanship and quality that go into each piece of Chocilo chocolate make them a standout addition to our offerings.

Amy U shared, “I added the rocky road and speckles milk choccies to the gift box, and the recipient couldn’t stop raving about how delicious they were. It really made the gift stand out!”
Personalised Gift Pack

Adding unique and playful touches to your gifts can transform them from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether it's gourmet chocolates, pampering products, or stylish accessories, the right add-ons show your recipient that you’ve put thought and care into their gift. We take pride in offering a range of unique add-ons from local businesses, ensuring that every gift is special and memorable.

Here’s a quick recap of why adding unique touches to your gifts is a great idea:

  • Thoughtfulness and Effort: Unique add-ons show that you’ve put extra thought into the gift, making the recipient feel valued and appreciated.
  • Enhanced Experience: Add-ons like gourmet chocolates, pampering products, and stylish accessories elevate the gifting experience, creating lasting memories.
  • Supporting Local Businesses: By sourcing products from local suppliers, we support our community and offer unique, high-quality items that you won’t find anywhere else.

So, why not make your next gift unforgettable? Visit our ready-made gifts or build your own to check out our selection of unique add-ons. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or just want to say thank you, our range of add-ons will help you create the perfect gift.

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