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Personalised Alcohol Gift Packs For Every Occasion!

★★★★★ Over 10,000 Happy Customers!

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him: 40 Heartfelt Ideas for Every Type

Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to express your love and appreciation for that special man in your life. Whether he's a romantic at heart, an adventurer, a tech enthusiast, or a foodie, finding the right gift to melt his heart is a wonderful way to celebrate your bond. To help you make this Valentine's Day unforgettable, we've curated a list of 40 heartfelt gift ideas, divided into four categories that cater to different types of "him." Discover the perfect token of your affection for the man who holds your heart.

The Romantic
Indulge in love's tender moments with gifts that warm the heart. From handwritten love letters to romantic getaways, these thoughtful gestures are perfect for the sentimental soul who believes in love's magic.

  • Personalised Bottle of His Favourite Alcohol from The Neighbours Cellar
    Add a cute photo, write a heartfelt message and have it printed onto his favourite bottle of alcohol.
    Price Range: $80 - $150
Shop Now Personalised Bottle Of Gin for Valentines Day Gift
  • Customised Couple Portrait from Oh Barney
    Gift him a custom portrait of the two of you, capturing a special moment or a cherished memory.
    Price Range: $150 - $350
Shop Now Customised Portrait for Valentines day
  • Heartfelt Personalised Book From Hooray Heroes
    Create a personalised book that tells the story of your love, complete with photos and heartfelt messages.
    Price Range: $30 - $80
Shop Now Personalised Book for Valentines Day
  • Couples' Spa Day in Your City
    Enjoy a relaxing spa day together, complete with massages, facials, and quality time.
    Price Range: $300 - $800
Book Now Day Spa's for Valentines Day
  • Handwritten Love Poem with Framefox
    Write a heartfelt love poem just for him, frame it, and present it as a meaningful keepsake.
    Price Range: $60 - $100
Shop Now Handwritten Love Poem Framed for Valentines Day
  • Romantic Getaway at Unyoked
    Plan a surprise romantic getaway to a charming destination, where you can create cherished memories together.
    Price Range: $350 - $600
Book Now Romantic Getaway for Valentines Day
  • Love Story Timeline from Etsy
    Create a timeline of your love story, highlighting significant milestones and moments.
    Price Range: $40 - $80
Shop Now Love Timeline for Valentines Day
  • Couples' Cooking Class with We Teach Me
    Take a cooking class together to learn how to prepare a romantic meal, then enjoy your culinary creation.
    Price Range: $100 - $150
Book Now Cooking Class for Valentines Day
  • Love Coupons from Luna Rose and Co
    Craft a set of love coupons that he can redeem for special treats, like breakfast in bed or a movie night.
    Price Range: $20 - $30
Shop Now Love Coupons for Valentines Day
  • Engraved Couples' Jewellery from Onecklace
    Gift him and yourself matching engraved jewellery that symbolizes your bond.
    Price Range: $50 - $200
Shop Now Matching Jewellery for Valentines Day

The Adventurer
Celebrate his thirst for adventure with gifts that fuel his wanderlust. Whether it's an outdoor escapade, a star-gazing night, or new gear for his journeys, these gifts are bound to ignite his adventurous spirit.

  • Outdoor Adventure Experience with Adrenaline
    Plan an outdoor adventure like hiking, camping, or kayaking, tailored to his adventurous spirit.
    Price Range: $100 - $400
Book Now Outdoor adventure for Valentines Day
  • Personalised Adventure Map from Journey Print Shop
    Create a personalised map that marks all the exciting places you want to explore together.
    Price Range: $40 - $100
Shop Now Personalised Journey Map For Valentines Day
  • Action Camera from GoPro
    Equip him with a GoPro camera to capture all his thrilling adventures, whether it's mountain biking or snowboarding.
    Price Range: $200 - $500
Shop Now GoPro for Valentines Day
  • Travel Journal from Papier
    Gift him a travel journal to document his adventures and memorable travel experiences.
    Price Range: $20 - $50
Shop Now Travel Journal for Valentines Day
  • Adventurous Getaway with Riparide
    Surprise him with a getaway to an adventure-packed destination where you can explore together.
    Price Range: $300 - $500
Book Now Adventure for Valentines Day
  • Outdoor Gear from Paddy Pallin
    Upgrade his outdoor gear with items like a high-quality backpack, camping equipment, or hiking boots.
    Price Range: $50 - $300
Shop Now Outdoor Gear for Valentines Day
  • Adventure Photography Book from Booktopia
    Find a stunning photography book that showcases the beauty of the great outdoors and fuels his wanderlust.
    Price Range: $30 - $80
Shop Now wayward adventure book for Valentines Day
  • Star-Gazing Night in Your State
    Plan a romantic star-gazing night, complete with a telescope to explore the night sky together.
    Price Range: $100 - $300
Shop Now Star Gazing for Valentines Day
  • Mountain Climbing Experience with Climbing Mountains
    Arrange for a guided mountain climbing experience that challenges his skills and offers breathtaking views.
    Price Range: $1,200 - $4,000
Book Now Rock Climbing Experience for Valentines Day
  • Adventure Subscription Box from Adventure Challenge
    Subscribe him to an adventure-themed subscription box that delivers outdoor gear and gadgets each month.
    Price Range: $30 - $150/month
Shop Now Adventure Box for Valentines Day

The Tech Enthusiast

Delight the tech aficionado with cutting-edge gadgets and sleek tech-inspired gifts. From smartwatches to customizable RGB keyboards, these tech treasures will keep him connected and entertained.

  • Smartwatch from JB Hi-Fi
    Gift him a smartwatch with features like fitness tracking, notifications, and a sleek design.
    Price Range: $150 - $400
Shop Now Smart Fitness Watch for Valentines Day
  • Wireless Earbuds from JBL
    Upgrade his audio experience with high-quality wireless earbuds for music and calls on the go.
    Price Range: $100 - $250
Shop Now Wireless Headphones for Valentines Day
  • Tech Gadgets Subscription Box from Subscription Boxes
    Subscribe him to a tech gadgets subscription box that delivers the latest gadgets and accessories each month.
    Price Range: $30 - $80/month
Shop Now Gadget Club Subscription box for Valentines Day
  • Smart Home Device from Oz Smart Things
    Enhance his home with a smart home device like a voice assistant or smart lighting system.
    Price Range: $50 - $200
Shop Now Smart Home Hub for Valentines Day
  • Virtual Reality Headset from Harvey Norman
    Immerse him in the world of virtual reality with a headset that provides exciting gaming and immersive experiences.
    Price Range: $200 - $600
Shop Now VR Headset for Valentines Day
  • Gaming Console from Kogan
    Level up his gaming experience with a high-performance gaming console and his favourite games.
    Price Range: $50 - $600
Shop Now Gaming Console For Valentines Day
  • Smartphone Upgrade from Officeworks
    Surprise him with the latest smartphone model, ensuring he stays connected with style and efficiency.
    Price Range: $500 - $1000
Shop Now Iphone for Valentines Day
  • Tech-themed Wall Art with Pinterest
    Find stylish wall art that features tech-inspired designs to enhance his living space.
    Price Range: $30 - $80
Shop Now Wall Art for Valentines Day
  • Digital Sketch Pad from Remarkable
    Elevate his creative pursuits with a digital sketch pad that allows for precise digital drawing and design.
    Price Range: $400 - $500
Shop Now Remarkable for Valentines Day
  • Customisable RGB Keyboard from Razer
    Gift him a customizable RGB keyboard for gaming or productivity, allowing him to create his unique lighting effects.
    Price Range: $60 - $150
Shop Now Custom keyboard for Valentine Day

The Foodie
Indulge his culinary passions with gourmet treats and kitchen delights. From cooking classes to artisanal wine and cheese, these gifts will satisfy his palate and elevate his culinary skills.

  • Gourmet Cooking Class From Cook With Trupp
    Enroll him in a gourmet cooking class led by a professional chef to explore new culinary skills.
    Price Range: $100 - $300
Shop Now Cooking Class for Valentines Day
  • Personalised Recipe Book from Your Surprise
    Create a personalised recipe book filled with his favourite recipes and family classics.
    Price Range: $30 - $80
Shop Now Personalised Cooking Book for Valentines Day
  • Artisanal Cheese and Wine Basket from Milk The Cow
    Treat him to a selection of artisanal cheeses paired with fine wines for a delightful tasting experience.
    Price Range: $150 - $200
Shop Now Cheese Hamper for Valentines Day
  • Cookware Upgrade from Cookware Brands
    Upgrade his cookware collection with high-quality pots, pans, or utensils that elevate his cooking game.
    Price Range: $50 - $150
Shop Now Cookware for Valentines Day
  • Wine Tasting Tour Near You
    Plan a wine-tasting tour to visit local wineries and savour a variety of exquisite wines.
    Price Range: $200 - $600
Book Now Winery Tour For Valentines Day
  • Artisanal Chocolate Subscription from Cocoa Box
    Subscribe him to an artisanal chocolate subscription box that delivers unique chocolates each month.
    Price Range: $20 - $50/month
Shop Now Chocolate Box for Valentines Day
  • Exquisite Dinner Reservation Near You
    Make a reservation at a renowned restaurant for an exquisite dining experience.
    Price Range: $150 - $400
Book Now Restaurent Reservation for Valentines Day
  • Personalised Cutting Board from Chain Valley Gifts
    Gift him a personalised cutting board engraved with his name or a special message for his kitchen.
    Price Range: $30 - $80
Shop Now Personalised Chopping Board for Valentines Day
  • Food and Wine Pairing Experience from Red Balloon
    Arrange a food and wine pairing experience at a local restaurant or winery, delighting his palate.
    Price Range: $100 - $250
Shop Now Wine and Food Pairing for Valentines Day
  • Premium Whiskey Set from My House
    Elevate his whiskey collection with a premium whiskey set that includes fine whiskey and elegant glasses.
    Price Range: $80 - $200
Shop Now Whisky Set for Valentines Day

No matter what type of "him" you're celebrating this Valentine's Day, these thoughtful gift ideas are sure to make his heart skip a beat. From romantic gestures to adventurous experiences, tech-savvy surprises to culinary delights, you'll find the perfect way to express your love and appreciation. Show him that he's truly cherished and make this Valentine's Day a memorable one.

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